These Fleeting Moments

Some stories don't have a clear beginning, middle or end. Life is not about knowing, but having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. i want to embrace all of my life's simplest moments. the smallest things that make the fondest memories.

Who should you marry? I'm so glad you asked.


Marry someone funny.

Marry someone who thinks you’re funny, especially when you’re really, really trying to be.

Marry someone who wears your clothing size—double your wardrobe, even if there’s a stack of off-limit t-shirts from his high school days that he gently explains are so precious he…

Summer Lovin'


Last Thursday, I faced one of my biggest fears and stood up in public and read out loud a piece of my own writing. In case you missed it (cough…MOM) here it is. Apologies in advance to every boy and man I ever dated before Aaron.

To me, summer has never been a season for love.

I’m pale…

Nothing ever happens when nothing else is happening.

—6.7.2014 (via myhusbandstumor)

a million of these moments, please.


My favorite moments are the smallest ones.

He perpetually traces a figure eight on my skin with the tip of his finger, a small, nervous habit I noticed on one of our earliest dates. Forever, forever, forever, an invisible infinity loop on my leg, my arm, the back of my hand.

At concerts, he…


hate when i lose something and my parents says “well i guess u didnt care about it enough” like you’ve lost me in a grocery store before 

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